Buttermilk biscuits with almond milk gravy

We went Texan for breakfast this morning. I first came across biscuits and gravy when I went to Virginia for a wedding a few years ago. To British ears, biscuits and gravy just sounds plain odd but it’s a very typical American dish. As soon as you start to realise that biscuits are a totally different thing to what we know as biscuits, and likewise the gravy, it starts to make a bit more sense. I have heard people describe biscuits as being a bit like scones but I don’t think that’s right – biscuits are lighter and fluffier and I’m amazed that we haven’t embraced them in this country.

I’ve made biscuits and gravy several times before, usually the biscuits from Vegan With a Vengeance. However, I realised recently that although I’ve liked everything I’ve made from Yellow Rose Recipes, I’d hit a dead end and stopped making things from it. So I asked people on PPK what their favourite dishes were from it, and someone suggested these biscuits and gravy. That person is from Nashville, and Joanna (book author) is from Texas, so I thought that this would be a good Southern US breakfast.

I had a minor hangover this morning and my husband had a major one, so this was a potentially good hangover cure. Under normal circumstances I’d like to make my own sausage for the gravy but today I decided to rely on Realeat frozen sausages. Almond milk is quite new to me and is very expensive but I love it and plan to try making my own soon.

The biscuits look a bit burnt but they’re not – they’re made with wholewheat pastry flour. This again is new to me and I thought I couldn’t get it in this country but someone very helpfully on the BBC boards told me that Doves Farm fine wholemeal flour is the same thing. That’s really good to know because quite a lot of US recipes have it in now.

The gravy was very strange to our tastes because it was savoury and sweet at the same time. I think that’s a traditional southern US thing and it was really nice but did take a bit of getting used to. It certainly cured our hangovers and I’ll do the biscuits again definitely but I think I’ll stick with a more savoury gravy in future. If you’ve never tried this US breakast treat I urge you to give it a go!


2 thoughts on “Buttermilk biscuits with almond milk gravy

  1. I do love me some vegan biscuits & gravy! Cool that you can expand your palatte and try some American dishes 🙂

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