Pierogi – potato and sauerkraut mushroom

This is a test for the new brunch book. We’re not supposed to post pictures really but I think that was aimed at the people who have very popular blogs read by loads of people. Not so many people read this and I don’t think you’ll all be e-mailing Isa Chandra Moskowitz and asking for the recipes.

I’ve done quite a few tests now but I absolutely have to blog about these because I’m so proud of myself. These were 2 different stuffings – potato in one and sauerkraut and mushroom in the other. I made both. In the recipe they are served just as they are smothered in caramelised onions, but I threw on some Toffuti sour cream with dill too.

I loved eating pierogi when I lived in Russia years ago but they’re not a thing I eat often. Actually since the Polish influx into England you can buy them frozen quite easily in Polish shops but they’re not often vegan (thought I did get some vegan cabbage ones once).

These were quite fiddly to make and had the potential to go wrong at many stages (making the dough, rolling it, stuffing and sealing them, boiling them and finally frying them). But, amazingly, they didn’t. They were some of the nicest things I’ve eaten for years, made even better for the fact that they’d been a fiddle to make. I will definitely make these again.

This book is going to be absolutely brilliant and will totally redefine the way you think about brunch!!


3 thoughts on “Pierogi – potato and sauerkraut mushroom

  1. Those look wonderful. When I go to the store I look for vegan pierogi but never find them… One of the things I miss. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll need to make them from scratch. I’ll look for Isa’s new cookbook when it comes out. I always had them with sour cream too :o)

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