Potato mushroom blintzes with lentil and spinach sauce

I’d been looking at this Veganomicon recipe for ages and finally decided to make it on Saturday. Unfortunately for me, rather than use the VWAV crepe recipe which I’ve made loads of times, I decided to try the one in Veganomicon which is different. And it was a total disaster. I have a reliable pancake pan but each one stuck to the pan and made a horrible mess. I started to sulk and throw things around and refuse to cook anything else, but after a quiet ten minutes sitting in the garden I calmed down and went back in and made the reliable VWAV version of the pancakes instead. They worked perfectly.

The filling is just mashed potato with mushroom, onions and a few other bits and pieces, but what I liked about the dish was that after stuffing then, you re-fry them so that the pancakes get nice and crispy.

I’d been unsure what to serve them with – obviously potatoes wouldn’t work, but a vegetable didn’t seem substantial enough. So I invented a lentil dish based partly on Denis Cotter and partly on Nava Atlas. It was cooked puy lentils, lemon juice, chopped dill, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. It actually worked perfectly with the blintzes and was just the right combination.

It started off as a disaster but ended well!


3 thoughts on “Potato mushroom blintzes with lentil and spinach sauce

  1. Crepes continue to intimidate me. That whole meal looks really nice, glad you got it to work for you.

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