Skillet mole pie with greens

This is another recipe from Veganomicon that I’d had my eye on. A big bag of greens came in the vegetable box so I was happy. This recipe even had one of my gazillion carrots snuck into it so I was even happier!

I started with the mole sauce. I made the full recipe even though I only needed half so that I’d have left over mole asuce to put in the freezer and play with another time. The sauce was a heady mixture of chillies, other spices, crushed tortilla chips and other things cooked with tinned tomatoes and vegetable stock. It tasted great on its own but was just perfect when it was mixed up with the earthy greens and pinto beans.

I knew that the crust wasn’t going to be as it should because it needed wholewheat pastry flour. I’ve done some research on this topic and am convinced that no such thing exists here. It seems to be a lighter finer version of wholemeal flour. Anyway, I took a gamble and used normal wholemeal and it tasted great. To the unknowing it was probably perfect but I expect of you did a taste comparison mine would be heavier.

This was yummy!


2 thoughts on “Skillet mole pie with greens

  1. I was eying this mole sauce for Cinco de Mayo but didn’t have the time. I’m hoping to revisit it soon.

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