Tempeh wingz

I was in on my own on Friday night, so I was looking for something new to try, which I could enjoy with a glass of wine curled up watching Grey’s Anatomy. Bring on tempeh wingz! They’re from Don’t Eat off the Sidewalk, and people on the PPK have been raving over them for a while now.

The only tempeh I can reliably get comes in jars and is sort of fishfinger shaped, so I immediately had to ignore the part of the recipe where the tempeh is cut into triangles. I halved it lengthwise. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. It doesn’t look all that exciting so I didn’t have great expectations for it, but I can promise you it was wonderful! Sticky, sweet, spicy and basically, wonderful! I served it with the south western corn pudding from Veganomicon, also a new dish for me. I used frozen sweetcorn and even so it was really delicious and pretty healthy for a Friday night with all the corn and peppers in it.

All together it was a very very tasty meal and I will definitely make it again.


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