Snobby Joe

I’d never even heard of a Sloppy Joe sandwich before I became vegan, but it’s nigh on impossible to buy a vegan cookbook written by an American author which doesn’t have a vegan version in it.

Some research (well, a look at wikipedia) tells me that it’s normally made of ground beef, onions, sweetened tomato sauce and seasonings, and it’s called sloppy because the filling spills out of the sandwich when you try to eat it.

I’d already tried the Sloppy Joannas from Yellow Rose Recipes and loved them, so I thought I’d give the Snobby Joe version from Veganomicon a whirl. They’re the same basic idea but the Snobby version uses lentils instead of TVP and the spicings are slightly different. They’re both very easy, very tasty, and very filling though.

For me, I prefer using lentils to TVP, but I preferred the spicings used in the Sloppy Joanna version, especially the use of liquid smoke in it. So in future I’m going to use lentils in Joanna’s dish – and create my own version – Snobby Joanna? I’ll write it up here when I do it!


1 thought on “Snobby Joe

  1. Well, my book The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment definitely does not have a recipe for anything sloppy — Joe, Joanna, Jill, none of them.

    Good luck with your cooking, sounds like fun.

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