Hot apple turnover

I almost never make desserts. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all and I’m generally too full on savoury things to even consider a dessert. But just occasionally I get the urge and Monday was one of those days. We had a bottle of calvados just sitting there waiting for an apple dessert to have with it, so I found these turnovers in Joni’s first book – Cozy Inside. (I’m testing the burgers for her second one, Just the Burgers).

I was never much into making pastry before going vegan but this didn’t seem to intimidating. They were actually very easy to make and had a lovely taste of cinnamon and other spices alongside the apple. I served them with Toffuti ice cream which I really do like. I’m certainly not a big ice cream fan and it had been in the freezer so long I had to put it in the oven for a few minutes before I could crack it! But it was a very satisfactory dessert – and the apple counts as a portion of fruit – right?


2 thoughts on “Hot apple turnover

  1. I haven’t got a sweet tooth either and cannot bear the sickliness of Tofutti icecream. Have you tried vanilla Swedish Glace? Plain Yofu is also excellent as a topping.

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