Tofu and leek tart with pine nut crust and french lentil sauce

I was looking for something nice and impressive to make on Easter Sunday and remembered this dish from Voluptuous Vegan. I’d made it before and enjoyed it and I also had quite a lot of leeks that needed using up.

The lentil sauce is very easy and I made it in advance of time. It’s nice and gutsy and I bet it’d be brilliant on mashed potato. In fact, I’ve got some left so I might try that later in the week!

The pine nut crust is also very easy, even for someone like me who is hopeless at pastry and baking. I love that you press it into the tin rather than roll it out.

I was tired and made a bit of a mess of following the recipe for the filling – I used 2 tbsps of miso rather than tsps! Luckily we’re both big miso fans and I don’t think it ruined the dish. It was just a bit more savoury than it otherwise would have been, which is no bad thing.

A very nice dish which could easily be adapted using other vegetables and flavourings.


4 thoughts on “Tofu and leek tart with pine nut crust and french lentil sauce

  1. This tofu leek tart is a definite keeper. My son absolutely LOVES this dish. I actually just stumbled across your site due to losing the recipe for the lentil sauce. Keep up the great work.

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