Thai meal

Most of my photos of this meal didn’t turn out but I still wanted to write about it because it was so nice. A friend of ours was staying and was off to Thailand the following day so I decided to cook some vaguely Thai style dishes.

The picture shown is the mango summer rolls from VWAV. I make life easy for myself and buy a packet of beansprout stir fry from the supermarket so I don’t have to do much chopping. I make a nice spicy dipping sauce to go with them.

I also did some jasmine rice, potato mussaman curry, mapo tofu and sesame fried pak choi. The curry recipe is from Nancy McDermott “Real Vegetarian Thai”. I made a big batch of the curry paste a while ago and froze it in tablespoon sizes so that was quite easy. Mussaman curry was our favourite dish in Thailand and this was a very nice version of it.

For the mapo tofu I found loads of recipes on-line using firm tofu but when we’d had it in Thailand it was made with silken and I’d got some specially to try it. This recipe was one of the more simple ones I found but it was very tasty. I just stir fried the pak choi with some green chilli, a splash of tamari and some sesame seeds.

Altogether it was a very nice meal and I’ll be doing more experimenting with Thai food from now on!


3 thoughts on “Thai meal

  1. Hey Liz,

    Great blog! Those thai rolls look absolutely delicious. I was quite interested by your ma po tofu recipe though – it didn’t seem to contain any black beans or black bean sauce, which is unlike any other recipe I’ve seen. Is black bean sauce non-veggie?

  2. No, black bean sauce is veggie, well the one I have is (I think it’s a Lee kum Kee one). Some of the recipes did include it but I chose the one I did because it used silken tofu and I wanted to recreate the one we’d had in Thailand. I’ll definitely be experimenting more with it though. Here’s a very blurred pic of mine!

  3. As the non-vegetarian friend who shared this particular feast, I can thoroughly recommend all the dishes that Liz put together for this meal and look forward to her continuing experiments with Thai cooking.

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