Pasta with spicy tempeh and sprouting broccoli

I don’t think I mentioned that my husband has given up eating gluten. There’s a family history of gluten allergies and intolerances and when his brother reported feeling tonnes better and losing lots of weight after giving up gluten, Matthew decided to give it a try too. I’m still eating it when he’s not there so that’s why it still pops up in this blog sometimes. But otherwise, I’m trying out lots of gluten free dishes. Some of them just happen to be naturally gluten free, but I’ve also been trying gluten free alternatives too.

This dish used corn pasta, which I find an OK substitute in many dishes. This dish was from Veganomicon. It uses wholewheat pasta there, but I used the corn pasta instead. The tempeh was cooked with chillies, fennel seeds, tomato puree and red wine vinegar, then added to the pasta and sprouting broccoli. It was really good and a very nice way to use tempeh.


3 thoughts on “Pasta with spicy tempeh and sprouting broccoli

  1. Its fermented soy. I buy it in jars from the health shop but i have seen it in packs in the fridge and also frozen. I know for a fact that Planet Organic off Tottenham Court Rd has it.

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