Curried chickpea tart with fennel and cauliflower sauce and coconut chutney

Sometimes having a vegetable box delivered can be a real pain in the neck but sometimes it can really inspire and force you to try new things. Actually, this wasn’t new – I’d made this dish from Voluptuous Vegan before but I’d totally forgotten about it. I had fennel and cauliflower to use up and I flicked through some books and remembered this!

The real star of this dish is the chickpea tart. It’s got such a beautiful rich flavour that you’d never guess that’s it’s made from humble chickpea flour. It’s miles easier to make than any eggy version of a similar tart, too. The whole dish comes together really well and it isn’t difficult to make for quite an impressive dinner party dish. There are a couple of extra parts of the meal listed in the book but I didn’t make it all. I made the rice, the tart, the sauce, the chutney, and the spinach.

One of the nicest dishes I’ve made for ages!


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