Black mushroom fideau

This is a recipe from Paul Gayler – Pure Vegetarian. It’s quite a fancy book with lots of dairy but a fair few of the dishes are vegan or can be adapted quite easily. This one is naturally vegan apart from the garlic mayonnaise on the side, but that’s easily managed with a pot of Plamil or Mayola and some garlic!

This dish is Spanish and quite unusual. There is a link to the recipe available here  although in the book it doesn’t mention the vegetables. We had it as it was with the mayonnaise and some crusty bread, and it was very good indeed. Obviously, the better the mushrooms you use, the tastier it will be. I was lucky enough to be in a French supermarket fleetingly and picked up a big box of girolles to throw in. But it’s tasty enough to use supermarket mushrooms, I reckon!


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