West Ham (A) again

Second trip to West Ham in 4 days but this time I was on the train. I’d though about going to Mildred’s but getting off the tube ot Oxford Circus on a Saturday this close to Christmas scared me to death. I decided instead to head for one of the vegan Chinese buffets that are scattered across London. They’re brilliant value and great if you’re on your own and want a variety of food. I like the one on Percy St off Tottenham Court Rd. I was just heading off to it when to my surprise I spotted another branch of Sagar next door but one to it. Sagar is a great vegetarian South Indian restaurant in Hammersmith, and apparently this branch has been open a couple of months. I was really torn because my taste buds were thinking about Chinese, but given the choice I’d take Indian every time. So I headed into Sagar. They have a lunch special for just £4.95 but I decided to ignore it and have a mixed uttapam and some potato bondas. Absolutely delicious. Both came with coriander coconut chutney and the uttapam was served with sambar too.

Result: West Ham 0 – Everton 2 Man of the Match – Yakubu
Verdict: Lucky Sagar!


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