I use the pasta dough recipe in Voluptuous Vegan. It makes very soft dough that freezes beautifully. A few months ago I had some silken tofu open that I knew I wouldn’t use before it went off, so I made a few batches of dough and threw them in the freezer. Yesterday I pulled some dough out and made a stuffing from spinach, basil, crumbled tofu, lemon juice and nutritional yeast. Then I just drizzled some good olive oil over them.

Unfortunately they were very fragile so I couldn’t drain them properly, so our dishes were a little bit watery. The taste was great though. I still have 3 balls of dough to us up too!


1 thought on “Ravioli

  1. Lovely blog. I’ve been veggie for a few months and I can’t find nutritional yeast. Have you ever been able to find it at Wegmans? There are no health food stores near my house.

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