Aubergine and potato moussaka with pine nut cream

This was one of the first recipes to catch my eye when Veganomicon arrived. I have tried lots of vegetarian moussakas over the years, but only a few vegan ones. One of them was from “Voluptuous Vegan” and it was very tasty but took a lot of work. This one looked less labour intensive and I was particularly intrigued by the pine nut cream. It involves silken tofu, and I’ve had some bad experiences with silken tofu being made into a so-called sauce but basically, still being silken tofu (Sarah Kramer – ring any bells?). The veganomic version involves roasting slices of potato, aubergines and courgettes in the oven. While that is happening you can make the tomato sauce, which has a nice touch of cinnamon. The cream is blended pine nuts, lemon juice, silken tofu, nutmeg and garlic. I sprinkled pine nuts on the top and an extra touch of nutmeg. It was really delicious. I scaled the recipe down but still had 4 good portions.


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