The famous chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce

Everyone in the world is raving about the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. They look really easy and I don’t think anyone has reported that they haven’t worked. There has been some debate about whether they’re better baked or fried, but in my house, where there’s a choice, it goes in the frying pan!

They’re basically crushed up chickpeas along with herbs, spices, gluten flour, breadcrumbs and lemon. Here in the UK we don’t know much about gluten flour, but as far as I can gather, it gives the meaty, chewy texture to some foods. These cutlets were lovely, but, as a departure from my usual preference, I’m going to try them baked next time. They were a little greasy. Really tasty with a great texture though.

I served them with the mustard sauce from the book – I liked this better than my husband. He thought it was a bit sharp. I’m not sure whether I used the right sort of sherry as I think it quite overpowered the sauce. If you don’t know, there is a typo in the book and it doesn’t say when to add the stock. I just took a guess and added it in when I put the lemon juice in.

I liked the potato squashers so much the other night that I threw in some of them and some spinach too.



2 thoughts on “The famous chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce

  1. I found that about the sauce, too! (the typos, the sharp taste). Maybe it’s from using the whole-grain mustard that’s called for? I noticed that most people who liked the sauce used regular dijon, which tends to be milder in flavour…

    also, your cutlets look spooky like mine. 😀

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