Veganomicon has finally arrived!!!


Well thank god for that! There are very few times when I wish I lived in America, but whenever I do, it’s all about the food*. (Actually it sometimes happens when I’ve been watching West Wing but then I realise that Jed Bartlett isn’t really  the president of America and that Sam Seaborn is a fictional character). Being able to get vital wheat gluten, decent tofu, Earth Balance, morning star products, Tings, liquid smoke – the list of great vegan products only available in America is never ending. And waiting around for Veganomicon to be shipped from was probably as bad as it gets. I had a love hate relationship with the PPK forums, because I was desperate to see what people were cooking – but at the same time I din’t want to torture myself with it. I’ve already make 2 sneaky released recipes and loved them – the Caesar salad and the Enchiladas. I wrote about both here so you should already be excited about this book!

Anyway, it’s finally here and I’ve already read it cover to cover twice. I’ve got a few strange days and evenings out coming up and its making me cry that I can’t start cooking from it. However, that’s probably just as well as it gives me time to think sensibly about what to cook as there’s no way I could cook everything in one night. I can’t even narrow down what I want to cook most! Tamarind lentils, chickpeas romanesco and moussaka will certainly be figuring soon!

* It’s never about George Bush


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