Home v. Birmingham and burgers

I wasn’t leaving for this game until quite late so I had time for a decent brunch. I hadn’t been shopping so it had to be something from the storecupboard. I knew there were some nice looking things to try in Joni’s book “Cozy inside”. She has some intriguing titles for her dishes and this one was probably the least descriptive title – “Shit on a Shingle”!!!! She explains why it’s called that in the book, but it’s basically beans and TVP mixed with some spices. It was incredibly easy to put together so it’s perfect for producing something home cooked at breakfast time. I served it with marmite on toast, and, (don’t tell anyone), ketchup. Next time I’d add a little more cumin and black pepper. It’s not the most picturesque of dishes but an excellent warming pre-match breakfast.


Result – Everton 3 – Birmingham City 1 Man of the Match – Steven Pienaar
Verdict – lucky shit on a shingle!!!

When I got back from the football I tried another burger from the test book. My husband was away so I could have the sweet potato and chipotle burger. (He won’t touch sweet potatoes with a bargepole!). I’d cooked the sweet potatoes and pressed the tofu in the morning so it was very quick and easy when I got in. I used some Toffuti sour cream for the dip. I have to order it specially from the health shop but I love it and think it’s probably my favourite non dairy imitation product.

The burgers were a complete success. They held together perfectly and even baked they stayed lovely and moist.



2 thoughts on “Home v. Birmingham and burgers

  1. Yeah, well, because my husband doesn’t like sweet potatoes I’ve got to get my fix in when I can! Although he did try a bit of leftover burger and said he quite liked it!

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