Everton v. Larissa

I spent the 2 days before this match at a conference in Milton Keynes. (It was about the popular open source VLE, Moodle, if you’re interested). Being vegan at a conference is never thrilling and this was no exception. To be fair to the caterers, they had not received the notification that I was vegan. Lunch on the first day was pretty much just plain salad. Dinner was melon, then roast vegetables with vegetables, and lunch the following day was stir fried vegetables.

So it was a great relief that I ended up in Liverpool before the match with time to nip to Maharaja, the Keralan restaurant. I ordered a plain dosa with cabbage thoran, both of which were delicious.

Result – Everton 3 – Larissa 1 Man of the match – Mikel Arteta
Verdict – Lucky Maharaja


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