Thai hot and sour salad with crispy tofu

Before I became vegan I used to get an organic vegetable box delivered every week. It was always a challenge finding ways to use some of the vegetables, but most things taste better smothered in cheese. When I became vegan I stopped getting the box so I could be a bit more choosy about what I cook. I might go back to it one day because I did like the fact that it made me try dishes I wouldn’t otherwise cook.

This dish was one which was inspired by a surplus of swede. I like it cooked but my husband doesn’t. I saw this dish demonstrated on telly and thought it was worth a try. It’s become a firm favourite and now we go out of our way to buy swedes so we can have it. I use whatever veg I have in – as long as it has the swede in it will be good but I like to add in grated carrot too. Please don’t let the thought of raw swede put you off trying this dish; I promise you it’s excellent (and bursting with vitamins too!).



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