Potato kale enchiladas with roast chili sauce

I’ve been waiting for an eternity for Veganomicon, the new cookbook from Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It’s out in America and I was expecting mine to arrive this week, until I got an e-mail from Amazon to tell me that I won’t get it until December. I was really sulky about it, especially since people over at the Post Punk Kitchen have already started reviewing recipes from it! I’ve been all over the internet trying to get it sooner!

Anyway, to cheer myself up I decided to make one of the dishes from the sample pages. I love kale but don’t it eat it all that often, so the potato kale enchiladas seemed like a good choice. I halved the recipe and served it with guacamole. Unfortunately something went wrong with either my chili powder or my green chillies, because it was really really hot! It doesn’t seem like a lot in the recipe so I suspect my chillies must have been surprisingly hot. I loved the idea of it and I enjoyed the messy part (soaking the corn tortillas in the sauce), but it was just too hot for me. And I have quite a high chilli tolerance. So I’ll make it again, but lower the chilli in it!



3 thoughts on “Potato kale enchiladas with roast chili sauce

  1. Love your blog. Received my copy of Veganomicon today. Did you order from .co.uk or .com? I ordered from .com and it arrived in a week. It looks brilliant. Hope you enjoy yours when you get it.

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