Derby day and vegan sausages

There’s nothing worse than Merseyside derbies. I can’t settle all morning and it feels like I’m going to the dentist, not the football. It was an early kick off so I just had time for a sausage and hash brown sandwich. The match was full of controversy – Liverpool had 2 penalties and we should have had 2. That sandwich was really unucky!

Result – Everton 1 – Liverpool 2 Man of the Match – Joleon Lescott
Verdict – unlucky sandwich

A word about sausages!

There are many people around who don’t understand why vegans would choose to eat sausages. I don’t mind what I eat as long as it doesn’t upset my principles and tastes good. It doesn’t matter to me if it is trying to imitate meat or not as long as I like the taste of it. The brand I prefer for breakfasts is Realeat.  They’re quite greasy and probably not at all healthy but I probably only eat them every couple of months or so, so I don’t mind that.

The other brand I really like are Redwood. They come in quite a few varieties and I think they’re good for things like stew, pies and casseroles. I particularly like the merguez flavour.

Linda McCartney sausages are suitable for vegans and they’re quite often an option in hotels etc but I’m not all that fond of them. Quorn products aren’t vegan.

I recently tried Taifun sausages. I love their tofu, especially the Japanese style, and the sausages were very good too. No nasty ingredients; if I can find them again I’ll certainly give them another try.

Of course, making your own sausages is probably the best option. My favourite ever vegan sausages are the ones served up at Paskins hotel in Brighton. They make them themselves but have yet to reveal the recipe. I’ve tried a few other recipes but nothing matches up. The tempeh sausage patties from VWAV are probably the best I’ve tried. If you have a killer sausage recipe, do let me know.


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