Artichoke and mushroom pie with tangy tomato relish

Tonight I made this pie which I found in an old edition of BBC Vegetarian magazine – but I also found it on-line here. In the magazine there is also a recipe for tangy tomato relish but I can’t see it on-line. I used some Toffuti sour cream as well, because it’s one of my favourite non-dairy substitutes. I can very rarely get decent mushrooms so I just used a combination of oyster, chestnut and portabello. It would no doubt have been better with tastier mushrooms but it was good. The relish in particular was very good – it was chopped roasted red pepper, chopped fresh tomato, white wine vinegar, capers, black olives, parsley, toasted pine nuts, and a dash of chilli. I’d make large portions and serve it with pasta.

I was just putting the pie in the oven, fully intent on serving it with a spinach salad, when I spoke to my sister on the phone. She was just about to put some chips in the fryer, and it made my mouth water so much I had to have some too!

artichoke-pie-300-x-225.jpg pie-and-chips-300-x-225.jpg


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