Linguine with tempeh bolognese and rhubarb crumble

I was supposed to be on my own today, so I’d got a cooking extravaganza planned using sweetcorn – my husband’s most hated food (except possibly parsnips. Or peas. Or sweet potatoes). I was going to make some barley corn cakes from Millennium, and was very excited about it. Unfortunately the state of Virgin trains meant that my husband couldn’t travel and turned up back home earlier than expected wanting feeding. I didn’t want to make 2 dinners so I had to rethink my plans. It needed to be quick and based around what I had in, so I decided to try the linguini with tempeh bolognese from Millennium. It involved baking the tempeh in a marinade for over an hour, which I’d never done before. I can highly recommend it because it gave a real depth to the tempeh. The stuff on the top is my own version of a parmesan substitute – ground cashews and almonds with nutritional yeast and salt.


I’ve got the least sweet tooth in the world and hardly ever make desserts at home. But we both love rhubarb and I’d picked some up which needed using. So I turned to my trusty favourite, the rhubarb and ginger crumble from Delia, of all people. I just sub Pure for the butter, and use Swedish Glace ice-cream – yummy.



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