Veggie burgers

I can hardly believe it but I have never made a vegan burger by hand. I set out to rectify this on Friday night, and I thought I’d try the one from VWAV. The recipes there always work, so it seemed like a good place to start. I didn’t have any oat flour but helpful bods at the Post Punk kitchen suggested that blending porridge oats in a food processor would give the same results. So that’s what I did! The recipe includes carrots, mushrooms and TVP and loads of spices and flavourings. I’d never worked with TVP either so that was something else new. (All this new stuff after a trip to the pub too!).
The mixture was still quite wet when I took it out of the fridge but I trusted Isa and went ahead and fried them anyway. They didn’t crumble and were incredibly meaty. We both like a bit of a crunch to the edges of our burgers, so I might try them breadcrumbed another time. But they were great! I served them in burger buns with a bit of salad, salsa, vegan mayo and potato wedges. (I usually use Plamil mayo but I tried Mayola, a brand I tried from Sainsbury’s. It was far less sharp than Plamil and a bit runnier. I liked it.)



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