Bolton away plus broccoli and marmite pie

I couldn’t decide whether to cook myself big breakfast and go later to the match, or go Manchester on the way and get something to eat there. In the end it was taken out of my hands because my friends and I spent the morning trying to sort out how to get to Kharkiv for our UEFA cup game in early October. So I just had time to grab some hummus and pitta bread to eat before the game.
Result: Bolton 1 Everton 2 Man of the Match: A good solid team performance
Verdict: lucky hummus and pitta bread

To make up for my light lunch I made one of my favourites when I got in from the match. A friend made it for me about 15 years ago and I have been making my version of it ever since. I’ve no idea if it is anything like the original but it’s a favourite in our house. We love marmite, but don’t even think about trying this dish if you don’t!

Cut a head of broccoli into florets, including some of the stalk. Cook it in just enough water to cover until just soft. Stir in a couple of spoonfuls of marmite and the same amount of tomato puree. Then stir in a couple of spoonfuls of plain flour, and stir until the flour has dissolved and you’ve got a nice thick gravy. Pour into a baking dish and then top with a layer of ready rolled puff pastry (I use Sainsbury’s own brand). Put in the oven until the pastry is golden. Serve with chips!



7 thoughts on “Bolton away plus broccoli and marmite pie

  1. OMG. There’s a recipe in your collection that involves two of my favourite foods (I’d need cheese of course) and you haven’t told me about it before?!
    I so have to try this. I’ve got normal flaky pastry stuff in the freezer, that’ll do it right?

  2. Casseroles/ Veggies in sauce topped with pastry are one of my very favorites- and how simple and delicious can you get? …thanks for this lovely recipe!!

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