Bank holiday weekend, hurrah! So what to cook? We decided we’d have some sort of Mezze, and after perusing a few books, I decided to go for the full menu from Nadine Abensur “Enjoy”. It was all naturally vegan apart from swapping some soya yoghurt for dairy yoghurt in a couple of the dishes.

From the top: Nadine’s Baba Ghanoush (which was more like an Imam Bayaldi but very nice), spinach and sumac salad, Joni’s 50/50 flatbreads (as easy as she claims, and holding them over the flame not only improved the texture, but also made me feel good), pistachio skordalia (yum yum), hummus, beetroot tarator, and orange and olive salad. Also intruding in the picture are some vine leaves which I had lurking in the freezer and decided to use up. It was all delicious!


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