Denis Cotter is one of my most respected chefs. He’s written 2 marvellous cookbooks and owns a lovely vegetarian restaurant in Cork. I’ve been to the restaurant 4 times and have met him. He’s so nice! The books are a bit dairy heavy but I’m trying vegan versions of some of the things in it.

Yesterday was our anniversary but I was travelling back from Reading so couldn’t cook anything too elaborate. I decided to do a vegan version of a recipe from Paradiso Seasons, “Purple sprouting broccoli with dried tomatoes and garlic on a corn pancake of leeks and puy lentils, with a rosemary cream”

I made the crepes from VWAV. I always add a bit more water than the recipe; maybe it’s the difference between US and English flour? Anyway, they worked.


The stuffing for the pancakes is a mixture of puy lentils, leeks, garlic, dijon mustard and thyme, with a little cream (soya cream in my case).

The cream is heavily reduced stock, rosemary oil, (soya) cream, and in my version, a bit of nutritional yeast.

The purple sprouting broccoli is quickly fried with garlic and sun dried tomatoes.

My picture isn’t very good but there is a very nice one in the book if you want to look at it! We really enjoyed it with a nice bottle of Lirac.



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