Reading away

Another good vegan destination, so I was glad when they got promoted last season. I headed straight to Cafe Iguana, whose website seems to have been under construction for a century. It’s a vegetarian cafe/restaurant which has lots and lots of vegan options. I had a couple of glasses of wine with my smoked tofu, watercress and cashew nut pate sandwich (OK), with cajun potato wedges (delicious – served with hummus and salsa and would have been a meal on their own). Whilst there I met Tim, a fellow Evertonian who runs the huge Bristol vegan fayre. There can’t be many other vegan Evertonians so it was nice to meet another, despite his criminal tendencies. (He actually forgot to pay, and had to be summoned back by text message. He arrived back, hugely embarrassed, and paid. Watch out for this man!)

Football notes: Reading 1 Everton 0. A shocking performance. Man of the Match – not many candidates – Lescott.
Verdict – unlucky Cafe Iguana

I stayed with good friends in Reading after the match. They all eat meat but were keen to try a newish vegetarian Indian restaurant, which was good news for me. It was, quite simply, the best Indian food I have eaten outside India. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful about vegan items (there are plenty). I had the Mysore dosa and the Ponga, both stunningly good. Everyone enjoyed it and the 3 meat eaters said they’d definitely go back. Highly recommended; a far better result than the football!


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